It’s Been Awhile…

Yep… I dropped off the face of the blogging world but I am currently trying to make a comeback! 

For anyone who has read my last post Thailand was amazing…. that type of paradise that you only read about but there’s hot lady boys and ping pong shows. If you haven’t been there go, seriously go there now it’s amazing.Thailand however was not good for my diet.. I was incredibly sick and bloated while I was over there. I think the timezone stuffed with my body clock and nothing ever really sorted itself out. So while I was halfway across the world I vowed to go and see a nutritionist when I got home and that is exactly what I did. 

I went and saw a lovely lady in Auckland who is a dietitian at Mission Nutrition. She has put me on a low FODmap diet which has worked wonders. I don’t eat any fruit (apart from berries) and some vegetables are out of bounds BUT it is working. I haven’t seen my stomach this flat and non-bloated in months. For those of you who are slightly unsure what a fodmap is, it’s (crudely speaking) a diet that is low in all kinds of sugars. The letters FOD stand for short chained carbs that are found in a lot of common foods which are believed to cause excess gas and liquid in the intestines so by omitting these foods it is supposed to help. 

All said and done it’s still difficult (whinge I know) but having to bring your own meal to a restaurant is something that I find extremely awkward. I’m sure that this will get easier over time and I’ll feel less embarrassed about it but for now I find it hard. 

I am going to stick with this diet although I have been granted a few days of leave from it every now and then which is awesome!

If you want to read more about FODmaps –

Here’s to a less bloated belly and a welcome back to the blogging world