Colofac – the cure to my bloating

I know I said that I am trying to wean myself off prescription drugs but here I am writing a blog post about one… oops.

I went to see my doctor because my bloating was getting out of control. Nothing was helping to aid it. I was going to the gym every day and eating healthy and BOOM still looked like I was pregnant. After hearing me whine about this she prescribed me Colofac, something that she said that she takes as she also has irritable bowel syndrome.

This stuff is amazing.

It is the first thing that has actually helped me. After taking it for a couple of days everything had evened out and I was no longer bloated. YEP NOT BLOATED. You can’t imagine my happiness from waking up and not looking like I was about to pop.

So how does it work? Colofac contains an active ingredient called mebeverine hydrochloride, which is an antispasmodic. This works by directly acting on the smooth muscle in the gut, causing it to relax. It relieves painful muscle spasms without actually affecting its normal motility.

Although this medication has helped me lots I also don’t want to rely on it. I still want to adjust my diet and find natural supplements that are going to help in the long run




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