Reverse Pyramid Training

So it was time to switch up my workout routine and I was extremely excited to try out reverse pyramid training. For those of you that don’t know it’s a highly effective training technique that utilizes a downward sequence in weight, reps or sets to help maximize any weight lifting goals. This type of workout is great as it creates an intense routine as the muscles get overloaded.

Now I am only trying to tone up my muscles not to get bulky and I believed that this technique would help aid me in achieving this as it helps assist in the development of greater endurance – something that is great for people who want to gauge their progress gradually.

If you are thinking about using the reverse pyramid technique be honest with yourself. Don’t take it easy push your hardest, go to that weight you think you can do reps on even if it is only one and gradually drop it back down. Push yourself, realize that you are far more capable than you probably give yourself credit for. Leaving a workout knowing that you have given it all, drenched in sweat and muscles quivering = one of the best feelings.

So far using the reverse pyramid technique I have done a leg and back day and I am in LOVE with it. I am leaving workouts knowing that I have pushed myself completely and waking up with ridiculously sore muscles the next day has me liking it even more. It’s so different from supersets (where I was doing small weights with skipping in between) so I am definitely not bored of getting out and going to the gym. I feel that this regime will be extremely beneficial for the goals I am trying to achieve. The feeling when you drop down a weight, it’s like a relief to the system and give that set an extra boost to get you through to the end. 

I will be doing this for the next three weeks and have recorded what my maximum weights are for things like chest press, lunges, and non-assisted pull ups and can’t wait to see if these change over the three weeks!




Running and Probiotics

I am officially slowly getting back into running and I am crazy happy about it. After having a few injuries I am making sure that I am taking it slow.

Running gives me a chance to de-stress and clear my head. After busy days at school running gives me the chance to just forget about everything else besides from my breathing and pace. Not only this but running helps with all of my other endometriosis and PCOS symptoms too. So far my injuries have been alright as long as I stretch properly before and afterwards. I have also come to love my foam roller also!

Something that I have begun taking is a probiotic. I have been struck with Strep throat (again) and antibiotics ruin my already IBS digestive system so I want to try everything possible to help. I have sourced my cupboards with some Yakult to see if this one is going to help at all.

Probiotics are used to help re-establish some of the good bacteria that is found in our gut. Maintaining this health is crucial to our whole health and wellbeing. The bacteria in our gut ensure that we properly digest the foods we eat and fully absorb all of the nutrients available.

Yakult was an option that I was willing to try because I have had inner health before and it didn’t seem to make any difference. I know that there is a lot of sugar in the drink (to keep that bacteria alive) but I am willing to try anything.

Shall let you know how it goes,