Fructose Free and Veggie Juices

As it’s coming into summer there is a multitude of different fruits coming into season some of which I totally love like grapes and pineapples, unfortunately something I was eating was giving me terrible cramps and by terrible I mean almost couldn’t move terrible. I was at a loss of what it could be until one day I didn’t have them and it was the one day I hadn’t packed any grapes for my lunch. With this new found knowledge I decided to trial going fructose free.

For the past three days I have avoided all fruits and surprisingly I am far less bloated and feeling a lot better. I will continue to keep them out of my diet for a whole week and then try and reintroduce some to see how my body reacts because I’m not too keen on getting rid of all fruits indefinitely because I like them far too much!

A good thing that has come from this is the motivation to start juicing again. I like to start the day off with raw fruits and going fructose free meant that this was no longer possible and eating a bowl of spinach for breakfast didn’t really seem too appetising for me. So I grabbed out my juicer, dusted it off and started experimenting. After only having a few I realised the impact that apples made on homemade juice… they make it taste nice. Luckily I am getting used to the juices I am making and am quite a fan of one particular green juice…

  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Ginger
  • Mint

I am worried that all the digestive problems are an indication that my endometriosis is back in full swing as these are some of the symptoms I was having before my surgery but I will try all diet fixes first before I consider going back under the knife.




2 thoughts on “Fructose Free and Veggie Juices

  1. Apples are the worst for those symptoms. And you’re right, they make juicr taste nice. Can you have lemon? I add lemon to every single juice. I find apple in juice much less problematic than eating the whole thing.

    • I might have to try lemons! Especially seen I have a whole tree of them at home never actually thought about putting them in

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