Exercise: Super Sets

So lately I have been extremely busy as uni has just finished up for the year and I am now heading off for an 8 week practicum so I can begin to understand what teaching is really going to be like, so forgive me for my lack of posting on here recently.


I decided that I was getting a bit bored of my gym routine that I had so decided I was going to change it up and put in a whole heap of supersets.

So supersets are used for strength training that can be used to add intensity and help bust through weight loss plateaus. The idea is to do one exercise and instead of resting you do a different exercise and alternate between them for the desired number of sets.

With strength training it is important to change your routine every 4-6 weeks to ensure that you don’t plateau and I decided that supersets would change it up completely. The benefits of super setting are

  • Saves time – going from workout to workout with no rest means that workouts are shorter and more efficient
  • Increases intensity – especially if you’re working the same  muscle group
  • Easily able to overload your muscles without having to use extremely heavy weights

I normally have three strength training days a week – one for back and shoulders, chest and arms and finally legs, so have worked my super sets around this. I’m planning to do them for three weeks and then do targeted for the next three weeks to ensure that I am changing things up to keep my workouts interesting.

My supersets are not just strength training though I love to sweat so I decided to incorporate some cardio in as well… a typical set for me looks like this

  • Chest press, 30 sec skipping rope, push ups, 30 sec skipping rope

So far I am absolutely loving this style of training and would recommend it to anyone. I have found that it has pushed me further than targeted and I need to challenge myself to complete my reps. There is lots of information online about super sets for beginners or comment on here if you would like more detail about what I do!





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