Natural Remedies: Licorice Tea

Now saying that I like tea is probably something of an understatement. Some of my favorite shops to go and visit are tea shops and usually result in me spending more on tea leaves than I ever will on clothes…

Despite this love up until recently I had never tried licorice tea. I think this had something to do with me feeling sick even thinking about eating black licorice BUT after reading some articles on the benefits of it and it being on special I thought why not and bought a box of the stuff.

I am now addicted.

The licorice root smells exactly like licorice lollies but doesn’t have as strong a taste… when it first hits you it doesn’t really taste like much but the sweetness really hits home in the after-taste which will linger on and on helping to kick any sweet cravings I have.

Why drink it?

Licorice tea has a few things that are really beneficial for people with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome such as…

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-spasmodic properties
  • Has been known to ease PMS

Not only that but it can be used to….

  • Protect the stomach lining especially from medications that can damage the mucous membrane and
  • Relieve constipation as it is a mild laxative

How often?

After reading some articles on this tea specialists say to take this tea three times a day for no more than four weeks as licorice can build up sodium in the body.

I find that having one each morning is enough for me to notice a difference in some of the symptoms I was having. The box I got will only last for four weeks so I’m going to have a break from it for a little while after that but I definitely will be getting it again




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