Whose Your Mother?

With foods you should be able to recognize it as a food source from nature rather than some sort of chemical derivative of a food. I reckon one of the easiest ways of eating clean is to simply ask yourself “does it have parents?”

How often do you hear someone telling you they are going to stop eating carbs, dairy, nuts etc. when really the ‘bad’ stuff has ridiculous names such as saccharine and butylated hydroxyanisole. When did we decide that food that actually has a mum and dad was worse for us than something that was concocted up in a laboratory?  

I believe that as a society we have become obsessed with dieting while we continue to be uneducated in the proper ways to engage in a healthy living. We have been taught to fear certain foods that are actually beneficial to us because “they will make us fat.”

Our bodies use food as fuel. When we feed out bodies with ingredients it is able to utilize it will break them down and use them as we need them. Things that it doesn’t recognize it will store away, usually as sugars and fats, and may never actually use them. Some believe that the storage of these chemical ingredients will slowly poison us.

If you need more convincing about avoiding processed foods give this article a read…. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/may/13/10-gross-ingredients-food-horsemeat-scandal

There is no such thing as ‘no time’ for healthy eating. Eating wholesome foods is about as easy as you get as most is able to be eaten raw. Just fill your fridge and pantry with good foods, check the labels and pretty much avoid the middle aisles of the supermarket and use the rule of thumb…

If you don’t recognize the ingredient, your body won’t either






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