As I have said previously I am undergoing an elimination diet to try and get information on foods that I may be intolerant to. There are many different signs that show if you disagree with a certain food but my most obvious is bloating.


Until I did my first elimination diet I didn’t really understand that it wasn’t normal for my stomach to be THAT extended. During the detox I have found that I will drop anywhere from 2-4kgs within about two days and my stomach shrinks markedly. This is all my bloating!

When I had a bit of a baking session with a friend we happened to make something that contained oranges in it. Now, I knew from my first elimination diet that I am pretty intolerant to oranges but I thought that perhaps having the orange diluted down in a whole cake might make it better for me. I snaffled a piece and within around four hours I was bloated and was having some pretty crazy stomach cramps. Definitely not the nicest.

Now there are some ‘quick’ cures to try and help get rid of the cramps that come with bloating:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Exercise
  • Aloe vera juice and
  • Dandelion tea

I do think though that you just have to give your body time. If you’ve eaten something that you are having a bad reaction to try and eat raw, healthy foods for the rest of the day so that your body can focus on getting rid of only one bad thing rather than many.

I believe that it is important to undergo detoxes. Not only to give our bodies a break from all of the bad foods that we may put into ourselves but to get everything back to its normal working order. It’s amazing to see the difference eating a clean, raw diet can make on our digestive health and well, once you realize how good you can feel there really is no turning back…




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