Positive Affirmations

Affirmation n the assertion that something exists or is true, a statement or proposition that is declared to be true

Ask yourself….

How many times have you found yourself saying something negative about yourself?

  • I am too fat
  • I am too skinny
  • I am not strong enough yet
  • I am too lazy

It’s so easy to just say these to ourselves and to someone else…

Every word that we say and all of our self talk is a stream of affirmations. The affirmations that we think and say are a reflection of our inner truths and beliefs; they are the things that make us who we are. What we need to realize is that some of the affirmations that we say are not true and are called negative affirmations. Our negative affirmations have been built from skewed perspectives and will actually inhibit our ability to succeed in the real world. We need to learn how to turn our negatives into positives.

It is believed that using positive affirmations has the ability to keep us focused on our inner goals and reminds us to think consciously about our words and thoughts to ensure they reflect our positivity. Affirmations technically ‘reprogram’ our beliefs and will change the way you think and feel about things.

Affirmations are easy to use and work for everybody no matter what you’re dealing with or who you are. They can help to remove all of the negative beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your goals; they can enable you to achieve the life you have always wanted.

Affirmations and Me

I believe that in order to be healthy we need to look at it holistically; if I am wanting to achieve my goals I am going to have to believe in myself.  I am slowly teaching myself to stop my negative thoughts and turn them into positives such as

  • I am making healthy decisions for myself
  • I am more than good enough and I am getting better every day
  • I give up the right to criticize myself
  • Giving up is easy and it’s always an option, let me delay it for another day
  • I have all that I need to make this a great day

Pretty simple and they are slowly replacing the negative thoughts that I was telling myself about my progress and the challenges that I have embarked on.

My Challenge to You

On this website there are 100 positive affirmations that can be used for many different situations that we might find ourselves in


Choose one affirmation that is going to help you with your goals and when you wake up in the morning say it to yourself three times – do this every morning for a whole week and find out how positive affirmations can help you




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