Elimination Diet – Day 5

The first few days on this diet are always ridiculously hard and even in this short amount of time there have been moments where I have been ready to throw in the towel already.

Having to cut out things like raw honey has meant that a lot of the things I was eating while on sugar free I am no longer able to so I am getting faaaaar more sugar cravings this time round (UGH). To help combat this I am eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and keeping myself busy, something that isn’t hard to do with assignments and tests coming up at university.

The support from my partner has been amazing, he has given me many a pep talk this weekend convincing me that I do not need any kind of pudding and reminding me of the progress that I have already made.

Good thing is, having done this before I know that once my body detoxes a lot of the cravings end up disappearing so I’m holding out till then.

My Progress

Already I have started noticing a change which is definitely motivational to keep going. My bloating is rapidly decreasing and everything is getting back to their normal, non-sluggish ways. From this I am concluding that it is definitely some kind of nut that has been causing this problem so will be introducing them back in, one at a time, to try and find if it’s all or just one.

Foods that I cannot go without…

On elimination I have a few ‘go to’ foods that are in the house at all times as the are easy and fast to prepare.

  • A mixture of roast vegetables – it’s a good idea if you are embarking on this to roast up a whole heap of sweet potato and pumpkin. This way its easy to toss into a salad or blend into a soup
  • Fruit – and lots of it, currently getting through a ridiculous amount of grapes and pineapples at the moment
  • Milks – coconut milk mixed with fresh spices creates a sauce that you can use over all your veggies
  • Brown rice – cook in bulk so that if you get hungry it’s right there

Preparation on any diet is key and having all the right foods that you know you can eat handy makes everything a lot easier.




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