My Mirena and Me

At the same time I was having surgery for my endometriosis I had a Mirena inserted. This was recommended to me by my gynecologist who believed that this would help prevent the endometriosis from coming back and would also help to control some of the symptoms that I was having.

What is it?

A Mirena is an IUS (intrauterine system). It has a small plastic frame that is fitted into your uterus, once inserted it will release small amounts of hormone at a constant rate meaning that your levels remain stable.

My opinion

When I was considering getting the Mirena I remember sifting through vast amounts of information – some of it good and some of it terrible. I read shocking stories of women and even now there is a current lawsuit about young women who have suffered uterine perforations after the Mirena decided to migrate somewhere else –

Despite all of this I decided to listen to the advice that my gynecologist gave me and went for it. I have had it in for just over two years now and it has been totally amazing. For the first couple of months I did bleed a lot, but I was unsure if this was due to the surgery I had or the Mirena. After many discussions with both my mum and doctor, I decided to give it a chance and after about five months my periods stopped completely; even now I’ll have maybe spotting every six months or so. Another upside is that my cramps have completely gone and I don’t have to worry about what might happen if I go on holiday and the pills that I need to bring with me as ‘just in case’ precautions.

I’ve found it extremely useful, I was terrible at remember to take my pills and because my periods were shocking I would often roll my contraceptive pills together so I didn’t have to put up with one every month.

As this lasts for five years I have quite a long time to decide what I’ll do next but for now, its definitely staying put.

Now this is just my opinion so if you were considering getting one make sure you listen to your health professionals



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