New Goals for Sugar Free

Goals. One word that I used to hate hearing when I was at school “today we are going to set goals…” and over time I learnt to hate them and thought they were only used by teachers to kill at least half the lesson. Now I realize the benefit goals actually have.


Today is officially the last day on my sugar free challenge. My long term goal was to be able to simply get rid of all refined sugars from my diet. Now unfortunately as of last night I didn’t really achieve this goal… last night I forgot, yes that’s FORGOT I was sugar free. Without thinking I dipped my hand into the lolly bowl at my friend’s house and had one. Two bites in I remembered, screamed and spat it out. Disappointment doesn’t begin to describe the feelings that I had. Despite this I am still crazy proud of myself for getting through officially 21 days of no sugar with only one hiccup.

Now though it is time to re-evaluate my goals…. To do this I’m asking myself:

  • Is going sugar free long term reasonable for my wants and desires?
  • Am I still inspired to reach them?

After thinking about this thoroughly I have concluded that I am going to be aiming for 80/20 living. To sum this up sugar free is still going to be my lifestyle change as I have enjoyed the benefits that have come from this. My wants and desires are centered on going out, having fun and not worrying; so going sugar free was something that was often problematic when I was out with friends. I feel that the 80/20 rule may be one that will benefit me. This is where 80% of the time I am sugar free, eat healthy and mostly raw whereas the other 20% is for the times I go to parties or I just feel like baking a cake for the hell of it. I feel like that I am able to do this diet because I have kicked my addiction to the sugar, it is something that I no longer feel I need so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to instantly start binge-ing on sugary foods again…


New Goals

I am going to hold myself accountable to all of the goals I set and now that they are out there in the big wide world of web then at least perhaps you can help me stick to them too….

  • Never go two days – never go two days in a row of bad eating, in fact I should be aiming for really only one bad refined sugar meal every two weeks
  • Do not use sugar as a reward – I am not an animal, when I do something well I do not treat myself with food. Instead if I accomplish a goal I will treat myself to a massage or some new bake ware
  • Plan ahead – always plan ahead make sure that every day I am packing healthy lunches and snacks
  • Ditch Discouragement – Remind myself about how far I have come on my journey



Unfortunately the 80/20 lifestyle is going to be put on hold as I am going to be going on an elimination diet for around the next month. Going raw and sugar free means that I have introduced some new foods into my diet especially nuts and seeds. At least one thing I have introduced has made me bloat up like a whale. So I am going to investigate this a little bit more (will probably do a blog post on how this works)


Wish me luck



2 thoughts on “New Goals for Sugar Free

  1. What a good idea! I’ve thought about trying the 80/20 thing out too, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with it and would probably very quickly end up back where I began! I think it’s great that you think you can do it and I hope it works out for you, it sure sounds a lot easier!

    • I think thats my worry as well! I’m worried that if I introduce sugar just a little bit then I will be straight back into addictville…

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